ESC Course Policies

To be certified, every student of an ESC course must be present for the instruction of all course content. No student is permitted to miss course content and still get a certificate.

Absolutely no talking on a cell phone is permitted during a class in progress. Students who must take a call need to leave the room before answering the call.

If there is enough time in the day, Certified Instructors have the approval from Energy Safety Canada to conduct verbal exams, upon a student’s request, within the established standards set out in the Instructional Skills Development course and the Certified Instructor Handbook. Students wishing for a verbal exam should request one during the first break in the course. If the time allotted allows for a maximum number of verbal exams, this should be very explicit to the students and a first come first serve format may be used.

ESC has no tolerance for drug and alcohol use by students attending ESC courses. If an Instructor or ATP has reason to suspect that a student is under the influence of alcohol or drugs that significantly impair learning, then they may ask the student to leave the course.

Instructors are required to check government issued photo identification (ID) for each student present in a class. Students who do not provide any form of identification may not write the exam and should be excused from class.

Training Centers will be closed at 2:00 pm on Friday, May 17th, and all day Monday, May 20th for Victoria Day.
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