ESC Course Policies

To be certified, every student of an ESC course must be present for the instruction of all course content. No student is permitted to miss course content and still get a certificate.

Absolutely no talking on a cell phone is permitted during a class in progress. Students who must take a call need to leave the room before answering the call.

Each of the licensed courses has a non-negotiable maximum number of students that can be certified in a single class. Class maximums have been determined in consultation with industry committee representatives for each course. Student maximums are set to comfortably accommodate student learning needs, enable consistent and ongoing assessment by the instructor and have adequate time and space to perform practical exercises. The set maximums must be adhered to.

Certified Instructors have the approval from Energy Safety Canada to conduct verbal exams, upon a student’s request, within the established standards set out in the Instructional Skills Development course and the Certified Instructor Handbook. If time is allotted, Certified Instructors may announce at the start of the class that any students wishing for a verbal exam should request one during the first break in the course. If the time allotted allows for a maximum number of verbal exams, this should be very explicit to the students and a first come first serve format may be used.

Students must be given the opportunity to break at appropriate intervals. Taking breaks throughout the day help students to maintain focus and results in a more positive learning environment. The minimum requirement for breaks is:
• 10 minutes in the first half of the course
• 30 minutes at the midpoint of the course
• 10 minutes in the second half of the course

Edmonton Training Center will close at noon on June 6 for staff development.
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