Becoming Certified (Red Seal)

Do you have 3000 hours’ work experience?

Are you interested in making up to $2.81 more an hour?                                                                            ($11,689 per year based on a 40-hour work week)

Start your application today to become a CERTIFIED LABOURER!

To register go to the Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training’s (AIT) website: ( and click on the orange button: “Access online services” then choose “Apply for AIT Programs and Services” and click on “create account”, type in the required information (create a username and password, etc.). In the future, use your “MyAlberta ID” Digital Account to access AIT and other government services. Part of the registration process is providing your Alberta Student Number (ASN). If you have gone to school or attended college in Alberta, you will already have a number. If you have attended school in another province, you will have to apply for an ASN. The website will guide you through the process as well as provide you with phone numbers if you need assistance from a real person.

Please see the document titled “CCL Application Instructions” for step-by-step instructions and screenshots.

After your account is set up, click Access Your MyTradesecrets Account, type in your user name and password, click “submit” and then “Apply for apprenticeship”, scroll down to and click on ”Construction Craft Worker”, and follow the step-by-step application process to ensure you are using the right application. The guide includes drop-down lists and mandatory information prompts. Complete all required information in the online application.

Then you need to contact an employer that you worked for as a labourer within the last 12 months and get them to prepare a letter called an Employer Declaration Letter. Make sure your employer sees the example. Your employer can send it electronically or you can deliver it to any AIT office in Alberta (the one in Edmonton is CAT 430, 11763 106 St, Edmonton, AB T5G 2R1.) You also need a copy of your hours from Local 92 that you can get at the Hall.  You need at least 3000 hrs.

Also, check out this link for additional information:  and Accessing MyTradeSecrets FAQ It costs $450 to Apply. Payment can be made electronically, by mail, or in person at any AIT office in Alberta.

AIT will not mail your approval, they will inform you via your secure account (MyAlberta Digital ID or SIAMS account), which you need to check regularly to know if you have been approved and when your exam is scheduled. Please let the office know immediately when you have been approved. If enough members are approved at about the same time, we can put on a Red Seal (CCL) upgrading course to help prepare you for the exam.

The exam is 100 questions and you must obtain a grade of at least 70%. You can arrange to write the exam at any AIT location in Alberta. We can help you with study materials once you have placed your application successfully.

Your work experience should be mostly in Alberta, as varied as possible, and as recent as possible: ideally, no more than 2 to 3 years ago. They do not accept supervisory hours, safety watch hours, janitorial hours, or training hours. Some out of Province hours can be used, but may be more difficult to verify, and take longer to approve.

If you deliver the letter by hand to AIT’s offices, it needs to be the original copy on company letterhead. Your employer could also directly send a scanned electronic copy of the letter to AIT.