Asbestos Worker

“If you work with Asbestos, you will get cancer and die. ” This is a phrase heard frequently on Alberta worksites; it is as exaggerated as it is untrue. Asbestos was the miracle material that turned out to be a curse. Now it needs to be removed from our homes, offices, worksites, and even where we go to eat. In this course we will dismiss many of your fears and misconceptions about working with asbestos.

Asbestos, like many hazardous materials can be handled in a safe and contained manner. In this eight module course we will discuss the history of asbestos and its’ use in Canada and around the world; health effects associated with asbestos exposure, as well as tge effect of smoking on asbestos abatement. We will also discuss waste disposal procedures.
Expires every 3 years.

Training centers will be closed Monday, August 5th for Heritage Day.
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