space Alberta Laborers Training Trust Fund

Mobile Training

The excitement that was in the air has now come to fruition. The ALTTF has purchased three mobile training units fully stocked with tools and equipment. Our qualified instructors can now bring training right to your jobsite.

If your requirement is safety or any of the OSSA courses these units and our instructors are capable of providing quality training. The OSSA courses include: Confined Space Monitor/Entry, Fall Protection, and Firewatch. We also have the ability to provide Standard First Aid .

We also have purchased a portable computer lab to complement the training. We have the capability to train CSTS, PCST and OSSA Orientation from any one of these training units.

If Construction Craft Labourer is what you seek we are completely stocked and trained to deliver the following courses; Concrete Basics, Formwork Basics, Excavation Backfill and Compaction, Operation of Small Tools, Scaffold Basics and others.

If you require Skid/Steer (Bobcat) our trained instructors can deliver a Leavitt Skid/Steer course anywhere in Northern Alberta. If you require other skills training please inform us of your needs and we will work to accommodate them.