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Scaffolding Tender and Erector

The Scaffold tending and erectors program has 30 hours of classroom theory and 36 hours of hands on shop time.  We have also incorporated an OSSA approved fall protection course, rough terrain forklift course and a rigging course.  Upon successful completion of the program you will have achieved certification for Scaffold erecting, Scaffold tending and the three other incorporated classes.
In this program though classroom theory and hands on practical you will be trained in:

  • Knots and hitches used in scaffold building
  • Hand and crane signals
  • Safety concerns while erecting, dismantling and tending
  • Erection and dismantle of frame, system and tube and clamp scaffolds
  • Rolling scaffolds, powered mason scaffold
  • Erecting ladders  and stair systems
  • OH&S legislation pertaining to scaffolds
  • Calculating live and dead loads
  • Foundation requirements for scaffolds
  • Cantilevers and outriggers
  • Scaffold tie-in requirement and application